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Your canine companion possesses a remarkable olfactory prowess that shapes its experiences in fascinating ways, driven by the power of its nose.

With an astounding count of up to 300 million olfactory receptors in their noses, as opposed to our mere 6 million, coupled with a brain segment dedicated to interpreting scents that's approximately 40 times larger than ours, canines truly excel in this domain.

Here are eight captivating insights into your dog's olfactory capabilities that demonstrate their exceptional nasal superiority:

  1. A dual-purpose nose: A dog's nose adeptly fulfills two roles—smelling and breathing. The canine nose ingeniously partitions incoming air, directing a portion towards the olfactory sensing region for scent differentiation, while concurrently facilitating regular breathing.
  2. Simultaneous inhalation and exhalation: While scenting, dogs uniquely manage the simultaneous inflow and outflow of air. Unlike humans, who are constrained to inhaling or exhaling sequentially, dogs can maintain a continuous circulation of air.
  3. The "second" olfactory sense: illuminates the presence of a distinctive organ in dogs—the vomeronasal organ—that enables the detection of pheromones, chemical signals that influence fellow members of the same species. This organ plays a pivotal role in reproduction and various aspects of canine behaviour.
  4. A tridimensional olfactory experience: Dogs possess the ability to perceive odours separately with each nostril. Similar to our eyes combining slightly disparate views to form a three-dimensional image, a dog's brain processes distinct odour profiles from each nostril, pinpointing the precise location of odorous objects.
  5. Scenting the passage of time: Dogs exhibit a knack for detecting minute reductions in the concentration of odour molecules occurring over brief intervals. This enables tracking dogs to swiftly deduce the direction in which a person or animal has moved by analysing scent traces on the ground.
  6. Evolutionary olfaction: Throughout history, dogs have harnessed their sense of smell to navigate essential life events, including finding mates, offspring, sustenance, and evading threats.
  7. An olfactory advantage: Dogs surpass human olfaction by an astonishing magnitude—up to 100,000 times better. This extraordinary sensitivity is likened to an impressive analogy, stating that a dog can detect the equivalent of half a teaspoon of sugar dissolved in an Olympic-sized swimming pool.
  8. Breed-based olfactory variations: While all dogs possess formidable olfactory capabilities, certain breeds exhibit exceptional scenting prowess. For example the keen sense of smell in hound breeds, while the remarkable smelling abilities of robust working breeds such as German Shepherds and Labradors. Notably, brachycephalic dogs like Pugs, characterized by short faces, might face some compromise in their sense of smell due to potential airway constraints.

That is why at smith&burton we have innovated in the area of fragrance, developing signature scents consciously created and designed specifically for dogs.

smith&burton Signature Scents are made consciously for dogs sensitive nose and skin.

We hold ourselves to a higher standard due to dogs' noses are around 40 times more sensitive than ours. That's why we take extra care with the fragrances in our collection to ensure the scents are light and delicate and won't cause stress.

Our sophisticated fragrances are formulated with raw plant-derived materials and processes certified by Ecocert to the Cosmos standard. The fragrance components are extracted using the cleanest and purest ways of obtaining extracts and actives, for the least chance of causing any irritation, allergies or be problematic to dogs nose and skin; the extraction of non-natural solvents is not permitted. These potentially harmful solvents are often used in the manufacturing of absolute and fragrance oils. 

Our premium fragrances of eau de toilettes are specifically formulated to give dogs, and their owners, the safety and luxury they deserve.


Read more about our signature scents and how they are developed by our French-born perfumer here.