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smith&burton premium range of signature scents are unique, exquisite fragrances developed by expert perfumers providing luscious scents that linger for days.

Expertly crafted by a French-born perfumer from natural, sustainable plant sources and Certified 100% Natural fragrance, consciously created and designed specifically for dogs.

Each of our signature scents is gender-neutral, perfectly balanced and carefully crafted for the sensitivity of a dog's sense of smell – fragrant but not overwhelming, leaving a beautiful, light aroma appropriate for dogs.

Created in New Zealand, developed in the South of France.

smith&burton signature scents are created and formulated in New Zealand, then developed in the South of France and are made with 100 percent natural ingredients; we use no synthetics or artificial products. 

Yves Dombrowsky, who creates the fragrances, is a New Zealand-resident, French-born perfumer. Yves started his career as an environmental microbiologist, learnt the art of olfaction and designing scents in France from a perfumer who worked for Chanel. Yves has over 30 years of expertise in the art of perfumery.

Yves is a 'nose'. He has memorised the scent of more than 4000 ingredients. He crafts fragrances from scratch. Yves' role is to gather as much information from the client as possible.

"Perfume is like the aura of a product – you can't see it but can feel it via the nose," he says. "I need to find out about the client's vision, colour, imagery, and even what the packaging will look like."

Then with the help of a perfume bar of around 180 scents and a complex in-house computer programme, involving over 700 olfactory families, he develops the bespoke fragrance. The design process is uniquely refined by considering cognitive and emotional aspects.

As well as archetypes of perfumery evolution, the fundamental reason why we like and dislike smells, and for smith&burton, it's appropriateness for dogs.

The test fragrances are then sent to Grasse, France, where they are adapted for factors such as viability, consistency and effectiveness. Here, our precious ingredients are extracted in the cleanest, purest ways for delicate aromas that also care for your dog's sensitive skin and nose.

smith&burton collection of signature scents are the first fragrances Yves has created specifically for dogs!

Made consciously for dogs sensitive nose and skin

We hold ourselves to a higher standard. Dogs' noses are around 40 times more sensitive than ours. That's why we take extra care with the fragrances in our collection to ensure the scents are light and delicate and won't cause stress.

Our sophisticated fragrances are formulated with raw plant-derived materials and processes certified by Ecocert to the Cosmos standard. The fragrance components are extracted using the cleanest and purest ways of obtaining extracts and actives, for the least chance of causing any irritation, allergies or be problematic to dogs nose and skin; the extraction of non-natural solvents is not permitted. These potentially harmful solvents are often used in the manufacturing of absolute and fragrance oils. 

Our premium fragrances are specifically formulated to give dogs, and their owners, the safety and luxury they deserve.