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We answer your frequently asked questions


What is hypo-allergenic and why don’t you use this term for your Dermal Relief products?

We don’t really use the term ‘hypo-allergenic’ because in fact, there is no legal definition for the phrase.

Yes, we could use the claim if we wanted to follow industry standards.

But we set our standards higher, especially when it comes to honesty and complete transparency.

This is because Medical dictionaries define hypoallergenic as “having diminished potential for causing an allergic reaction.” but everything – including water! – can cause allergic reactions. So, while our Dermal Relief Range of products are 100 percent natural, free of nasties, fragrance-free and made specifically for allergy-prone, ultra-sensitive skins, we’ve chosen not to use the word.


What does fragrance-free and unscented mean?

Fragrance-free means that fragrance materials or masking scents are not used in the product, so no added fragrance or essential oils. They can still have a pleasant scent derived from the natural raw ingredients. smith&burton Dermal Relief 2-in-1 Conditioning Shampoo and Dermal Relief Topical Spray are both fragrance-free products.

Fragrance-free is the safest choice possible for ultra-sensitive, allergy-prone skins.

Unscented generally means the product may contain chemicals that neutralise or mask the odours of other ingredients. No smith&burton products are unscented.

Our smith&burton Heal & Protect Soothe Balm and smith&burton Detangler Spray & Leave-in Conditioner we consider to be neither, fragrance-free or unscented. They have a minimal amount of essentials oils used for their specific purpose to directly benefit the skin and are not used as a fragrance due to the sensitivity of dogs smell. Only the raw ingredients of these products, used for their specific function, make up their naturally occurring aroma. We could claim these products to be fragrance-free. However, with the inclusion of a very small amount of essential oil in each, and for complete transparency in setting a higher standard and to eliminate any confusion for our customers, we have decided not too.


What is ‘pH balanced for dogs’?

A dog's skin has a higher pH than a human. This is why there is evidence that products designed for human skin can be severely irritating to dogs.

The pH scale shows a solution's acidity or alkalinity. Lower numbers are more acidic, and higher numbers more alkaline, with water sitting neutrally in the middle. Dog's skin sits around 6.5-7.5, and human's skin sits around 4.5-5.5 – much more acidic than dogs'. Human shampoo will be about 200 times too acidic for a dog as their skin is only 3-to-5 cells thick, and human skin is around 10-to-15 cells thick.

Shampoos and soaps are generally formulated to mimic the pH of the skin. When those formulated for human skin are used on dogs, the difference in pH disrupts the skin's acid mantle.  This leads to irritation, itchy, dry skin, dandruff, sores and possible dermatitis and fungal infections.

All smith&burton products are 'pH balanced for dogs'.


Can I wash my dog with human or baby shampoo?

Baby shampoo is 150 times too acidic for a dog. Your dog’s skin is actually far more sensitive than human baby skin. That means that even ultra-mild shampoos designed for humans can disrupt the acid mantle of your dog’s skin, leading to irritation and increased bacteria and fungal infections.  Our products are formulated to perfectly match the pH of dogs’ skin and coat. They will not leave residue in the coat or cause itching, dryness or dandruff.


How often can I use smith&burton products?

smith&burton products use plant-based, naturally derived ingredients and contain no harsh chemicals so are gentle enough to use as often as you wish.


Can I use any of the products on myself?

All our smith&burton products use the highest quality human quality ingredients. You can use any of our products on yourself such as the shampoos, conditioners, colognes and the Dermal Topical Spray is amazing for mosquito bites and prevention.

smith&burton Heal & Protect Soothe Balm is 100% Natural and designed for both dog and human use.  In fact, the human testing of this product showed such amazing results, we call it our wonder balm, the results are miraculous.  You can use it on almost ‘everything’.  From abrasions, cuts, scratches and scars, skin irritations, chapped lips and more.  It has equally amazing results for dogs, of course!

Our smith&burton Cologne Collection is multi-purpose. As well as a deodoriser for dogs, they can be used as a room spray or car spray and sprayed on your dog’s bedding. You can even use the cologne on yourself!


I have eczema and skin allergies are smith&burton products safe for my hands when washing my dog?

We know that some products are harsh on your skin and can dry it out, especially if you have allergies or sensitive skin. smith&burton products use natural, plant-based ingredients and contain no harsh chemicals making it a safe, gentle option.  We had exceptional results from our allergy-prone human testing of no skin-irritation. However, we are careful to say that results may differ from person to person.

Say goodbye to sore, painful hands and relish the long-lasting benefits for your dog.


Can I see a full list of your ingredients?

Every product we design has a full ingredient list on the product description pages.  As well as this, we are leading the industry by having a full ingredients glossary explaining every one of the ingredients we use. Visit our Ingredients Glossary here.


Are smith&burton products 100% natural?

Not exclusively (although they are about as close as you can get), we know the importance of combining nature and science, and we utilise the highest quality of both to create a delicate, yet highly functional balance. Most of our products are 99-100 percent natural. We state ‘the percentage of total ingredients are of natural origin’ on each of our products. They can also be found on our product descriptor pages.


Why should I use natural dog grooming products?

Have you ever used a shampoo that left you with a dry, itchy scalp?  That’s how your dog feels when you use cheap, chemically made products. Just like human skin and hair, a dog’s coat responds better when a natural product is used. Dogs also naturally groom themselves by licking, so you don’t want them ingesting anything harmful. It is important to be mindful of what goes onto their skin and coat and gets absorbed through the dermis. And don’t forget, those same nasties can damage your own skin and hands, too. Natural ingredients maintain moisture in your dog’s skin and coat for a healthy shine and are safe for the whole family.  Learn more about What We Don't Use


Why natural shampoos want foam as much? 

One thing you will notice with high-quality natural shampoos is they want lather as much due using natural surfactants, that clean just as well, rather than synthetic ones (SLS). These synthetic surfactants are added to make products foam and are on our 'What we don't use list' due to animals exposed to SLS can experience eye damage, depression, laboured breathing, diarrhoea, severe skin irritation and even death .  smith&burton products will still lather and we recommend you use lots of water ensuring you get a thoroughly wet coat and work the products through for a safe, natural lather.


What do you mean by ‘clean’?

We love dogs and think they deserve our best. We wanted to create a beauty, health and wellness grooming range to give every dog the best coat possible, and that means using the highest quality ingredients we can. For a healthy coat, you need to care for the skin and nourish the hair follicles, which is why we’ve left out the nasties that potentially irritate your dog’s skin and damages the coat. We’ve kept all the good quality, clean ingredients that will care for your dog and promote good skin and coat health, leaving the coat smelling fresh, clean with lustre and shine.

smith&burton products are free of: Parabens, Cocamide DEA, SLS/SLES, Phthalates, Phosphates, PEGs, PPGs, EDTA, DPEG, Silicone, Petro-Chemicals, Artificial Colours, Mineral Oils, Synthetic Fragrances or Dyes

Learn more about What We Don't Use.


Can smith&burton products be used on cats?

Most smith&burton products are Cat Friendly. We take extra caution for the highest level of safety where cats are concerned so please check the product descriptor which will state if the product is cat friendly. You can also go to Product Selector in the menu and click on Cat Friendly, and this will show all the relevant products.


Do smith&burton products help repel fleas and insects?

Pet cosmetics in New Zealand cannot state functions for flea or insect control whereby it makes a therapeutic claim unless the product is registered under the ACVM Act. However our Dermal Relief Range (Shampoo and Topical Spray) has added Neem Oil and Karanja Oil known to naturally help repel fleas, ticks, mosquito and insects.


What do I do if my dog has an adverse reaction to a smith&burton products?

It is highly unlikely that your dog will experience an adverse reaction to any of our blends but if they do, immediately discontinue use and do not hesitate to contact us at with your details of the reaction. The products will be eligible for a refund.  


Where does smith&burton ship?

smith&burton ships throughout New Zealand, Australia and around the world.


Where is my order sent from?

Orders are dispatched from our Auckland warehouse.


Where are smith&burton products manufactured?

All product formulations are created and made in New Zealand by high quality hair and skincare manufacturers with extensive experience using professional quality control to ensure products are shelf-stable and formulations are uncontaminated and consistent.  Only our Signature Scents are created in New Zealand, and developed in the South of France.


I'm a Retailer who do I get in touch with to start stocking your products?

Send us an email through our website or email and we'll put in touch with your closest smith&burton representative. We have many distributors around the world who can provide you with wholesale. For local retailers please click on the wholesale portal link in our footer or email us as at or visit our Wholesale Website at


I'm a Distributor who do I get in touch with to start import your products for our territory?

Send us an email with your details through our website or email and we will be happy to discuss with you further.


I'm professional groomer or a breeder, who do I get in touch with to start a wholesale account?

Either send us an email to or visit our Wholesale Website You find the link at the footer of this website.


Which payment methods do you accept?

Payment is processed via PayPal or through Shopify Payments that includes Apple Pay, Google Pay and Shopify Pay. You do not need to have a PayPal account if you don’t want to signup. We also accept payment via credit cards MasterCard, AMEX  and Visa, as well as Afterpay (for customers in New Zealand and Australia) and Laybuy (for customers in New Zealand, Australia and UK). All payments are secure.


How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Orders leave our warehouse via tracked courier within 24 hours of being placed, or the next business day.  When your order is dispatched you will receive a tracking notification. Generally New Zealand orders will arrive within 1-3 business days of placing the order, and up to 5 business days for some rural areas.  Australian orders allow 1-2 business days (rural deliveries may take slightly longer). International orders 2-4 business days depending on the destination. Your patience is appreciated if delivery problems occur.  


What if I would like a refund? 

We will happily refund your order if you would like to return the goods for some reason, provided it is within 14 days of purchase. Please email us at for your Goods Return Authority number. We will process the refund once we confirm the products have not been used or damaged.  We do not cover return shipping costs.


What happens if I entered the wrong address with my order?

Please make sure your address is correct at the time of order (including business name if shipping to a work address). If you think the address is not correct please email us immediately at and we will do our best to assist.  However once the order has left the warehouse we cannot redirect.  If orders are undeliverable and returned to us for any reason we will issue a refund less shipping and handling costs ($20 for New Zealand orders, $40 for Australian orders, $100 for international orders).


Can I amend my order after it has gone through?

Once processed, we cannot amend orders.  We cannot apply discount codes after processing.  


Can I use multiple discount codes in the one order? 

Only one discount code can be applied per order.


I haven’t received my order?

If you haven’t received your order after 7 working days please email us at


What can I do if the product I want to order is showing out of stock?

We try to have all products in stock all of the time however sometimes there is a delay in receiving a delivery.  Please email us at and we will be able to tell you when it will be back in stock.


What happens if my order is damaged or it is missing items?

Please email us at to resolve any issue with your order.  For damaged items we may require photos or for the products to be returned.


Does smith&burton offer event or charity sponsorship? 

We are always happy to consider a request for sponsorship of your event or your charity.  Please email any requests to for consideration. 


How do I find out about new products and special offers?

Please subscribe to our smith&burton newsletter to gain early access to new products, special offers and news, follow us on Facebook and Instagram.


Do you have a loyalty programme and how can I join?

Yes we do. Please join The Very Important Dog Pack, smithandburton's VID Loyalty program to earn reward points to be redeemed for your favourite smith&burton products, exclusive offers and more.  Click on the VID Loyalty icon on the bottom right of our website or click here.


Any other questions?

Please always feel free to contact us with any questions at