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Our Story

Our beautiful dogs, Smith and Burton did not only give us the name of our brand; they are also the inspiration to our commitment and devotion in our passionate pursuit to create something better.

'The boys' as they are fondly referred to, love to get out and about in nature and run-free. Equally, they live in the lap of luxury. They are our family and integrated into our home as much as our lives. Smith, a large creamy-white Retradoodle, loves nothing more than swimming, finding mud and getting dirty, preferably daily. This means he needs to be washed more often. Burton, a highly active black Standard Poodle, likes to sport a longer more rock-star hairstyle, in keeping with his personality. He has a delicate, sensitive skin, which was prone to hot spots and irritation.

Our journey started in 2011, after using well over one hundred and fifty different grooming products available to us, we were left wanting. smith&burton was born out of a frustration with harmful, chemical-intensive, highly synthetic formulations, over-powering and often synthetic fragrances, so-called natural claims, under-performing results, uninspiring packaging and a general lack of transparency of dog grooming products on the market. We asked ourselves as dogs are more, and more part of the family and living in our homes, why isn't there an alternative. A dog grooming range as good as, and looks as nice as, the premium plant-based skin and hair care products we use on ourselves.

So we immersed ourselves in creating the best a dog can get.

By combining our years of experience in the care, attention and presentation of show ponies, thoroughbred race-horses, yearling sales preparation and numerous dogs: show, sporting and pet, along with our corporate experience in product development, marketing and design to create the most luxurious, health, beauty and wellness canine grooming collection we can. A more discerning range, for more discerning dogs (and their parents), one built on nature, performance, aesthetics, quality and absolute attention to detail.

Drawing on our knowledge and discovery in equine and canine health in using powerful New Zealand Manuka Honey as a successful skin healer and coat conditioner, it is firmly at the heart of each of our products. Combining with nature's most effective natural ingredients, and proven New Zealand bioactive botanicals, from the clean, pristine country we call home.

As with human skin and beauty brands, we apply the same natural product credentials and healthy lifestyle choices for dogs.

Centred on a dogs' wellbeing, our plant-based blends are meticulously formulated with expertise from elite chemists and perfumers. Using only the finest quality ingredients purposely chosen for dogs, to improve and deliver outstanding results. We reject unnecessary or harmful ingredients that could irritate or be unsafe. Our formulations are unique, innovative and effective using the best of nature and science. The result is a naturally effective, delicately scented range leaving the coat with lustre and shine.

We are dedicated to continuous improvement, refinement and perfection; it is this dedication that drives our demand for quality, safe, honest products for dogs everywhere.

Our smith&burton Canine Collection is designed with love to bring out the beauty in every dog. Everything we do celebrates beauty in its different forms, from the lavish formulations to our natural signature scents to our packaging. We want dogs and dog parents across the world to be happier, healthier, and well, a little more stylish.

Proudly crafted and made in New Zealand, to bring a new range of luxurious, truly distinctive products that are, good for dogs and the planet.


“Once you have had a wonderful dog, a life without one, is a life diminished”, Dean Koontz

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