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Our Brand

smith&burton is grounded in nature, supported through science, driven by innovation and inspired by the love of dogs.

We use the power of botanical science to create clean, gentle, luxurious products that are naturally effective. Our plant-based formulations use the finest quality ingredients enriched with vitamins, antioxidants and antibacterial properties combined with powerful New Zealand bioactive botanicals and 'liquid gold' Manuka Honey. Our blends are purifying and moisturising and designed to suit any coat and skin type, including sensitive skin. Delicately fragranced with our beautiful 100% natural signature scents. Leaving the coat smelling fresh, clean with lustre and shine.


smith&burton Canine Collection is for discerning dogs everywhere.

Our goal is always to create the most luxurious, health, beauty and wellness grooming tools built on nature, performance, aesthetics, quality and absolute attention to detail.

As with human skin and beauty brands, we apply the same natural product credentials and healthy lifestyle choices for dogs. Centred on a dogs' wellbeing, our plant-based blends are meticulously formulated with expertise from elite chemists and perfumers. Using only the finest quality ingredients purposely chosen for dogs, to improve and deliver outstanding results. We reject unnecessary or harmful ingredients that could irritate or be unsafe.

Our premium signature scents are expertly crafted, by a French-born perfumer, from natural, sustainable plant sources. Consciously created and designed specifically for dogs: gender-neutral, perfectly balanced, and carefully formulated for the sensitivity of a dog's sense of smell. Giving dogs, and their owners, the safety and luxury they deserve.

Our formulations are unique, innovative and effective using the best of nature and science. The result is a naturally effective, delicately scented range leaving the coat with lustre and shine.

We believe we bring a higher standard and set a new benchmark for dog grooming products through 'Our Promise', and our commitment to transparency. Inspiring others to be mindful about the products they use on their dogs. We proudly list and explain the function of every one of our ingredients in our glossary because we believe you have a right to use products with safe ingredients and to know precisely what those ingredients are. We are dedicated to continuous improvement, refinement and perfection; it is this dedication that drives our demand for quality, safe, honest products for dogs everywhere.

Proudly crafted and made in New Zealand, to bring a new range of luxurious, truly distinctive products that are, good for dogs and the planet.


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