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Compared to their owners, it’s socially acceptable for most dogs to go several days or even weeks without a wash. But you still need to get them in the shower or bath regularly. Just how frequently depends on several things, such as the environment they live and play in. Do they live inside or outside? Do they prefer walking the city streets or running at parks and playing in the muddiest puddle? How about their breed and type of coat - oily or water repellent, short-haired or long? 

A dog’s place in our families has changed over the years. As more of us welcome our dogs onto our laps, couches or beds, it’s becoming more important for our dogs to be cleaner and smelling fresher. That’s why you may prefer to wash your dog weekly and fortnightly. When you use a plant-based grooming product such as smith&burton Canine Collection, you can wash them as often as you wish. 

As you know, if you start noticing the unpleasant look and smell of a dirty dog, that’s a sure sign that you need to start running them a shower or bath. But for regular maintenance that keeps your dog’s coat and skin healthy, clean and smelling fresh, here are some general guidelines to follow:


Once-a-month wash: Either a bath or shower once every month works for most dogs. 


Optimal is every 21 days: Every dog has a Keratinization cycle which is every 21 days. A keratinization cycle is when a dog sheds their skin. For optimal skin and coat health a dog should be bathed and conditioned every 21 days so you can remove the dead skin cells and replace the sebum oil. Remember to use conditioner as this acts like a moisturiser on the skin, as well it closes the hair shaft, for easier coat management.


In between washes: Use a dog cologne such as smith&burton Cologne Collection to spritz the coat between bath times and keep them smelling fresh. This 100% natural product is perfect for in-between baths to freshen and deodorise your dog’s coat. It also has the added benefits of sealing and protecting the hair after grooming, soothing skin, alleviating flakes and adding volume and shine to all coat types. 


Often: Oily coats: Some breeds with oily coats need to be washed more often. Basset Hounds especially require their ears to be cleaned regularly to prevent odours and yeast infections. If your dog has an oily coat (but not a water-repellent coat - see below), you may need to give them a weekly wash.


Seldom: Short-haired and smooth: If your dog is a Beagle, Weimaraner or another short-haired breed, they’re generally fine with having a bath or shower less often. Monthly is a good recommendation. Short-coated Basenjis are meticulous with their personal grooming and hygiene, so they rarely need a bath.


Water-repellent? Wash less often: Waterdogs, like Golden Retrievers and Great Pyrenees, should be bathed less often preserving their natural oils.

Dogs with thick, double coats–such as Samoyeds, Malamutes, and other Northern breeds–do best with fewer baths. Instead, brush their coat regularly. This gets rid of loose, dead hair and to spread their natural oils, to keep their skin and coat manageable, sleek and healthy. 


Why it’s essential to choose the right dog shampoo and conditioner 

Avoid products that dry or irritate your dog’s skin. Instead, reach for gentle, naturally-effective products without the harsh, nasty ingredients. Choose products with moisturising properties that are suitable for any coat or skin type like smith&burton Shampoo Collection followed by a conditioner like smith&burton Conditioner Collection.