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Warmest congratulations to all the new puppy parents out there!

Welcoming a new puppy into your home is an incredibly heart-warming experience. Their playful antics are bound to bring a smile to your face. However, along with the joy, comes the important responsibility of nurturing them into well-adjusted, socially confident adults. Part of this journey is ensuring that your furry friend not only tolerates but actually enjoys grooming and bathing sessions. 

Irrespective of their breed, all dogs require regular grooming, though the extent varies depending on their fur type. Instilling in your puppy a positive association with being groomed and bathed is a crucial aspect of their training that is sometimes overlooked during their early days. Regular and gentle handling of your puppy paves the way for them to grow into adult dogs comfortable with human touch. 

The process begins by associating various parts of your puppy's body with rewards. Touch or lightly brush their tail, then immediately offer a treat. Repeat this with their paws, and again reward them with natural treats and portion them appropriately for your puppy’s size. The aim is to teach your pup that being touched is pleasurable and safe. 

Don't forget the ears, a sensitive area. Gently touch their ears and follow up with a treat. 

Identify the spots where your pup feels uneasy about touch. Slowly work on these areas while using plenty of treats as incentives. 

Beyond touch, your pup must become accustomed to being brushed. Begin with a soft bristle brush or grooming glove, massaging them by brushing in the direction of hair growth. Praise and treats enhance the positive experience. Brushing against the hair growth may be uncomfortable initially. Start at the head and work down the body, keeping initial sessions short and reward-filled. Always conclude with a positive activity to link grooming with happiness. 

Bathing is another vital aspect. Introduce your pup to the bath area without water initially, rewarding their calm behaviour with treats and praise. Gradually progress to having water around them. Once ready for their first bath, having an extra pair of hands is beneficial. While your helper distracts them, proceed with a swift bath, and using a shampoo such as smith&burton Puppy 2-in-1 Conditioning Shampoo is ideal as a 2-in-1 it cuts bathing time in half. 

Or have a distraction such as bath toy like smith&burton’s Bath Time Duckie. This will help keep puppy occupied and happy. 

Employ a gentle handheld nozzle and warm water. Use a mild shampoo suitable for puppies, such as smith&burton natural Puppy 2-in-1 Conditioning Shampoo. Towel dry promptly, followed by playtime. In colder weather, ensure thorough drying and warmth. You may use a very low temperature dryer, however do not frighten your puppy. Introduce any air tool like a dryer very, very slowly and use plenty of treats.

For in-between baths and keeping your puppy smelling fresh and clean use a light mist of a deodoriser like smith&burton 100% natural Puppy Cologne or wipe down the coat with gentle dog specific wipes such as smith&burton natural Purifying Cleansing Wipes.

And don't forget their paws. All the running around and discovering new terrains and surfaces you want to keep the paws moisturised and smooth using a balm like smith&burton's 100% natural Heal & Protect Soothe Balm. It is a lovely way to bond with your puppy too, massaging it into paws in a quiet moment to enjoy together.

Bringing up a pup to appreciate grooming and baths involves patience and gradual progress. Your efforts will create a lasting positive impact on their comfort and behaviour throughout their lives.

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