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CITRUS SCENT IN SHAMPOOS: A Powerful Dog Repellent

Picture this: being enveloped in a scent that you find utterly repulsive, an inescapable aroma that clings to you persistently. Now, before you consider introducing a shampoo, deodoriser, or any pet grooming product infused with the citrusy fragrance—especially that of orange—take a moment to ponder.


It's the single food that the majority of dogs dislike intensely. Let's explore the reasons behind this, and discover how you can cleverly leverage their aversion to citrus.


At the forefront of aromas that canines tend to avoid lies the distinctive scent of citrus, especially orange. It's intriguing why introducing your furry companion to citrus fragrances like orange or lemon might not be the best idea.



Aversion Of Most Dogs To Citrus Fragrance claiming the top spot as the most repugnant smell for many dogs is the aroma of citrus. The comparison can be drawn to how humans react to the stench of trash—an instinctive recoil. While the exact reasons behind dogs' aversion to citrus remain somewhat elusive, it likely mirrors the human experience of favouring specific scents over others.


Utilising Citrus Fragrance for Deterrence if your four-legged friend happens to harbour a strong dislike for the tangy fragrance of these acidic fruits, there's a potential avenue to explore: employing their scent or juices as a deterrent. However, it's essential to exercise caution when integrating these scents into your living space for your personal enjoyment. Whether it involves diffusing essential oils or lighting scented candles, the unintended consequence might be that your abode ends up as unappealing to your dog as a refuse site is to you.


A Word Of Warning: citrus in dog shampoos a cardinal rule should always be to avoid the usage of citrus-based substances, including shampoos, on your canine companion. The potent aversion that most dogs have towards citrus could lead to highly unfavourable reactions. Therefore, it's strongly advised to steer clear of any dog shampoos containing citrus extracts or scents. 


In summation, while citrus fragrances can be harnessed as a canine deterrent, it's crucial to wield them judiciously, considering the sensitivities of your pet's olfactory preferences. Remember, the goal is to strike a balance between your olfactory inclinations and your furry friend's comfort.


That is why at smith&burton we take extra care with the fragrances in collections using only Certified 100% natural fragrance, as eau du toilettes, they are consciously created and designed for a dogs’ sense of smell, with dogs’ noses being 40 times more sensitive than humans. We also ensure the scents are light and delicate and won't cause stress and we most certainly avoid the use of orange. Each of our signature scents is gender-neutral, perfectly balanced – fragrant but not overwhelming, leaving a beautiful, light aroma appropriate for dogs.



Our premium fragrances are specifically formulated to give dogs, and their owners, the safety and luxury they deserve. Discover more here, and shop here.