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Introducing smith&burton’s amazing new products

Here at smith&burton we’re always innovating and bringing to life new ideas and New Zealand made firsts that help enrich the lives of our dogs and cats.  As we say the idea is not always to create something entirely new, but to make what already exists more perfect. We believe we have done just that with our latest product range of the first New Zealand made 100% natural Waterless Foam Shampoo!


Why go waterless?

100% natural, nutrient-rich coat wash that requires no water or rinsing for canine and felines, all coat & breed types, including puppies and kittens from 12 weeks of age.

It revitalises and balances the skin and coat without the bath.

This luxurious, creamy foam is a convenient and easy to use for everyday spot-cleaning dirty coat and paws, for quick clean-ups, when travelling, post-surgery or to help reduce allergens and dander on the coat and more. Perfect for cats that dislike water. Our unique formula will not leave a greasy or sticky feeling.

A waterless, natural dog shampoo is a quick and easy way to wash your pup without the hassle of an actual bath.

Perfect for keeping the bath-dodgers clean, our waterless shampoo is ideal for those times between grooming sessions when your dog or cat has spots of dirt that need to be removed.


smith&burton Waterless Foam Shampoos is formulated using these nature’s power ingredients

  1. DeoPlex (Saccharomyces Ferment)

100% natural, a safe and effective odour neutralisation based on fermentation technology, with enzymes that provide bioconversion of a wide range of malodorous substances eliminating odours. Natural ingredients, mild and non-toxic, environmentally friendly.

  1. Pomegranate (Punica Granatum (Pomegranate) Seed Oil)

Provides exceptional antioxidant support and promotes healthy cell metabolism, packed with numerous vitamins and antioxidants to help make the coat stronger, including punicic acid, an omega 5 fatty acid that hydrates and prevents moisture loss.

  1. Coconut Extract

Renowned for its incredible moisturising and hydrating properties, along with being an immune booster helping your dog's body to fight off infection. Its natural antibacterial properties help to heal and repair the skin and coat. Rich in essential fatty acids to hydrate and nourish, coconut oil creates a natural barrier against moisture loss.

  1. Silk Protein (Hydrolised Silk Protein)

Silk protein is one of the strongest natural fibres in the world, being referred to as the “princess of fibres” due to its strength. It forms a film on the coat to retain moisture, adds shine and leaves the coat feeling soft and smooth. It offers the most glide, and silkiness of all the proteins. It has excellent moisture binding and repair properties providing a protective barrier. Silk adds lustre, body and manageability to the coat.

  1. Manuka Honey

New Zealand's 'liquid gold' Manuka Honey is hailed as a wound healer and skin saviour for centuries in its native New Zealand. A natural antioxidant, with anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiseptic properties, it soothes and repairs dry, inflamed skin. It prevents infections and speeds up healing. As a natural humectant, it is moisturising on the skin and coat, it draws moisture in making it an effective hydrator for high shine. 

  1. Kiwi (Actinidia Chinensis (Kiwi) Fruit Extract)

This natural antioxidant derived from New Zealand Kiwi helps protect against free radical damage while delivering vitamin C power-pack for deep nourishment and hydrating. A power food for skin and coat. 

  1. Vitamin E (Tocopheryl Acetate)

A vital component for healthy skin helping to protect against environmental free radical damage and acts as a natural preservative. It is a great hydrator and protector, conditioning both skin and coat. It helps to heal dry and damaged skin reducing inflammation and aiding in the healing process. 


With two options available for all coat & skin types:

  • HYPOALLERGENIC - fragrance-free for a natural, gentle, pure botanical scent. Does not contain any essential oils or fragrance. Consciously designed for dogs and cats with allergy-prone or sensitive skin and highly recommended for cats.
  • DELICATELY SCENTED - with our Certified 100% natural signature Scent No.1 - a luxurious, delicate fragrance leaves your dog or cat relaxed & truly pampered

Easy to use luxurious, natural waterless foam shampoo

Pump into your hand, or directly onto the coat or paws. Apply generously working throughout the coat. Remove excess dirt with a dry towel. Repeat as necessary. Allow to dry naturally. Brush if required. No rinsing is required. Cat friendly. Can be used as often as needed.


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