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Why using a dog conditioner is so important

Conditioner is vital when washing your dog. But it’s a step that’s often misunderstood or skipped altogether. Shampoo cleans underneath the outer layers of the hair cuticle, rinsing away any grime and oil. However, it then leaves these strands with open cuticles. Following up with conditioner closes the hair shaft, returning them to their natural protective state. As well as having this protective function, conditioner has many other benefits.


Protects the hair cortex

By resealing hair strands after shampooing, conditioner protects the hair cortex from anything that could get in or out. This helps prevent stains, fading, and damage and dryness. Sealed-up, conditioned cuticles are stronger and more resilient.


Smooths the hair shaft

Conditioner coats the hair and smooths the hair shaft, so the hairs can easily slide apart from each other.


Prevents mats and tangles

Conditioner makes grooming easier. Cuticles that are left open from shampooing are more vulnerable to snagging on each other and tangling. Conditioner makes strands soft and sleek, and helps provide the ‘glide’ factor, reducing friction that can end in matting and breakage.


Protects the skin

Along with removing oil and grime, shampoo can also clean away the top waxy layer of the skin. Conditioner helps protect skin in this state by establishing a protective layer, until the skin develops its own.


Moisturises the skin

The right conditioner replenishes and draws in moisture, preventing skin from drying out and becoming itchy. Effectively conditioner moisturises the skin, much the same as humans moisturise after cleansing. The reason why a lot of dogs start itching and scratching can be due to not using a conditioner after washing. Just make sure you choose shampoos and conditioners that are free of all nasties, like smith&burton Canine Collection.


Lower maintenance overall

Protected, conditioned hair won’t pick up odours or dirt as quickly, dries faster and is less prone to static, meaning longer-lasting washes and restyles – and less work for you!


Faster coat drying time

Conditioning speeds up the coat’s drying time, which is particularly helpful if you’re a groomer. It’s worth taking a bit of time to apply conditioner as you generally make up for it with the quicker drying time at the other end.


A gentle conditioner won’t remove the natural oils

A gentle conditioner like the smith&burton Conditioner Collection will effectively nourish your dog’s coat without irritation or stripping away the natural oils.


For overall coat health and shine

Delicate conditioners like smith&burton Soothing Conditioner can be applied to even the most sensitive skin for a soft, silky and healthy coat. Conditioner helps your dog look, feel and smell great.


Remember, not all conditioners are created equal

Avoid nasty chemicals and never use products designed for humans, as they can affect the delicate pH balance of your dog’s dermis and cause damage, irritation, and dryness, making them more vulnerable to infection.

The smith&burton collection of conditioners are naturally effective and rich in vitamins, antioxidants and New Zealand botanicals for a healthy coat that’s full of lustre and shine.