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Washing small dogs or puppies

If you have a small breed dog or puppy, you have more choice on where to wash them – a sink or laundry tub works well in this case. The elevated laundry or bathroom tub makes it a more comfortable experience for both of you.


Use a detachable shower nozzle

But if you can’t fit your dog in a sink, place them in the bath using a detachable shower nozzle, or for large breeds use the shower and get in with them. These are great options, as it means you have fresh, clean and warm, running water. Just like you, dogs do not like cold baths and washing products generally perform better with warm water.


The benefits of a portable tub

A portable tub made, especially for dogs, is another good option. Some tubs are made of heavy plastic, while others collapse and can effortlessly be used outside or in your laundry or porch. If you go with this option, it’s best to ensure you still have access to warm running water and a shower hose or nozzle fitting.


When to invest in a dog grooming tub

Professional dog grooming bathtubs are gaining in popularity for those who have a bit more cash to spend and enough room in their homes. They give your dog a more secure, comfortable and salon-style experience. A wise investment for owners of dogs that need cleaning more often or have multiple dogs to wash. This saves you from bending over and the associated aches and pains!


Use a garden hose only if you have to

If your dog is really dirty and the weather’s hot, it is ok to use a garden hose occasionally. But, please remember that your dog doesn’t like to be cold and the force of the hose is not a pleasant experience. All the work you’ve invested in making bath time enjoyable can be tarnished with the force of a cold garden hose.


Make the washing experience enjoyable

Most importantly, do what you can to make washing your dog an enjoyable, comfortable and relaxing experience for both you and your dog. When it’s a positive experience, your dog will associate its regular baths or showers as a time to bond with you and feel pampered. You’ll also both appreciate the results of their clean, healthy coat that looks sleek and smells fresh.