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The Ultimate Canine Beach Grooming Routine

As a dog owner, you know that coastal adventures are not just for humans. Our dogs love to feel the wind in their fur and the sand beneath their paws. Whilst taking your dog to the beach is a lot of fun it often makes a sandy mess of your dog's coat (and your home).

Here is smith&burton’s Ultimate Beach Grooming Routine to keep your dog’s skin and coat looking fabulous, and your dog feeling great.


1. Pre-Beach Prep: Start your grooming routine before hitting the beach. Brush your dog's coat to remove any loose fur and prevent tangles caused by sand and sea breeze.

For long and fluffy coat breed types spray and brush through smith&burton's Detangler Spray & Leave-in Conditioner before your dog heads out to swim as this will help prevent mats and tangles from forming.


2. Protect Those Paws: Beach walks often involve hot sand and jagged shells. Protect your dog's paws with smith&burton's Heal & Protect Soothe Balm. This natural blend of soothing ingredients like shea and cocoa butter and natural antibacterial ingredients will keep their paw pads hydrated and shielded from the elements. 


3. Post-Dip Rinse: After a refreshing dip in the ocean, rinse your dog with fresh water if it is available where you are. Otherwise we highly recommend doing this once you are home prior to washing as salt water can irritate a dog’s skin.


4. Combat the Sand: A fresh rinse of water then some drying time in a sunny area will help remove all the sand. This is especially needed on long and fluffy coat types and once they are semi-dry brush that sand out of the coat before washing. Failing to do this will mean the sand will stick to the coat (and skin) making removal more difficult.


5. Wash out Irritants: Just like our own hair saltwater can leave their coat feeling stiff and dry. That is why using a product from smith&burton's Shampoo Collection is perfect for this task. Its plant-based formula cleanses without stripping natural oils, leaving your dog's coat soft and shiny. It is important to always wash your dog after a swim in the sea to remove any sand and salt water as these can irritate your dog’s skin.


6. Added Moisturiser: Apply any product from smith&burton's Conditioner Collection - it is thick and creamy, massage through the wet coat, it acts like a mask to nourish the coat and moisturise the skin. For extra hydration leave the product on and wrap a towel around your dog's body. After 5-10 minutes, rinse out with warm water.  You will notice the difference - a beautiful soft, silky healthy coat.


7. Dry, Brush & Detangle: A good towel dry, or hair dryer at a cool setting is essential to prevent your dog from catching a chill. While drying, take the opportunity to detangle any knots or mats gently. Using smith&burton’s Detangler Spray & Leave-in Conditioner will make the job easier. Lightly spray over entire body and brush through or apply directly to mats and tangles, then gently comb out. (See our guide here How to remove mats, knots and tangles with ease)

By drying the coat you are helping not only prevent knots, but also skin infections from any moisture trapped under the coat. Brushing the coat is must to ensure any remaining sand is removed. 


8. Eyes and Ears Check: Saltwater can irritate your dog's eyes and ears. Use smith&burton's Purifying Cleansing Wipes to keep these sensitive areas free from debris and gritty sand. It's a quick and easy step to ensure your dog's comfort.

Swimming will often mean water gets into your dog’s ear canal pushing out any ear gunk to the inner ear flaps. Clean the inner ear flap by using smith&burton’s Waterless Foam Shampoo Hypoallergenic. Pump it onto a clean cloth to easily and hygienically wipe the gunk away. For dogs with long, floppy ears we highly recommend keeping the ear flap up or open so air can circulate to dry out the inner ear. This helps prevent a warm, moist ear canal which can lead to nasty ear irritations and infections.

9. Dry Paw Check: Re-check all paws for any nasty nicks from shells or rocks. This is a good time to reapply smith&burton’s Heal & Protect Soothe Balm. With its natural antibacterial ingredients, it will not only help with any minor cuts and abrasions it will soothe and smooth the skin as well. We all know how dry our own skin becomes after time at the beach, and your dog’s paws and nose are no different! A quick application of the balm will moisturise and smooth the paw pads and nose (if needed) preventing them from becoming dry, cracked and sore.


10. Finishing Touches: Complete the grooming routine with smith&burton's Cologne Collection as a finishing spray this lightweight mist adds a delightful fragrance being an Eau de toilette and Certified 100% natural, while conditioning and promoting a healthy coat. It's the perfect finishing touch for your beach-loving pup.


With smith&burton's Beach Grooming Routine, your dog can embrace the joy of the beach without compromising on their well-being, radiating the natural beauty of a well-cared-for coat and a happy, pampered pup!

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