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Not many dogs look forward to being washed and will dart under the nearest table at the first sight of a towel, or as soon as you mention the word bath. But if you know how to do it properly and you use the right products, they (and your family) will thank you for it. Washing your dog with a natural and expertly formulated dog shampoo keeps their coat and skin hydrated, healthy, clean and smelling fresh.

Once you’re ready to bring on bath-time (with or without your pooch’s permission) follow these simple steps below:


De-tangle your dog’s coat: Use a Detangler Spray like smith&burton Detangler Spray & Leave-in Conditioner and a slicker brush or wide tooth comb to gently remove knots and tangles. Take this time to give the coat a full brush through.


Protect their inner ears: To prevent ear infections and irritations, gently place a cotton ball in each ear to stop water entering.


Run the water at lukewarm: Your dog’s skin is more sensitive to temperature than yours and can burn more easily. A good rule of thumb is the temperature should be about the same as a human baby. Make it even milder for larger dogs as they can easily get too hot.


Reassure and soothe your dog: Use a soft and reassuring voice to tell them what’s going on. Give them lots of praise when they go into the bath or shower and continue to gently encourage them throughout bath time.


Use a natural dog shampoo: Dog shampoos, like smith&burton Shampoo Collection, are specially formulated to hydrate, condition and nourish your dog’s skin and coat. Never use human shampoo as it dries and irritates their skin. Apply the shampoo liberally and massage through the entire coat – being careful to avoid their eyes and inner ears.


Rinse well: Rinse well with clean water, removing all the shampoo until the water runs clear.


Condition: Just like humans, dogs’ coats benefit from using a conditioner such as smith&burton Conditioner Collection, making the coat more manageable, silky, fluffy with shine, and protects the skin and coat from damage. Apply conditioner in the palm of your hand and massage through the coat. Allow it to sit for a few minutes.


Triple rinse: Remove all the conditioner with clean, warm water. Rinse. Rinse. And rinse again.


Dry naturally: Once you’ve finished rinsing, dry your dog’s coat with a towel or leave to air dry. To stop any chills, ensure the room is a comfortable temperature, and your dog is away from any draughts. You can use a blow-dryer made for dogs, but a human blow dryer can be too hot for them, resulting in itchy skin or dandruff, so only ever use on a low setting, if you must!


Lavish your pup with praise: Make sure you finish bath time with lots of praise, pampering, play or a treat. This will help your dog associate bath time with fun and affection. If she wants to, let her wrestle with the towel or run away with it.


Finish on a high: For a real professional finish, you may like to spray your dog’s coat with a finishing spray or spritzer such as smith&burton Cologne Collection. This allows you to seal and protect the hair after grooming, and adds volume, shine, and helps repel dust and dirt that can damage the coat.