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The first conclusion we jump to when we notice our dog constantly scratching is fleas. But when you have checked for fleas, given your dog their regular flea treatment and they’re still irritated, then there’s another culprit.

So, once you’ve ruled out fleas, there are several reasons why your dog may be scratching, biting and licking all the time – like an allergy to grass or pollen, a skin disorder, disease or infection, dry and sensitive skin or it could even be in their genetic make-up.

You can help soothe, heal and repair your dog’s dry, itchy skin with specifically formulated shampoo’s and sprays.  Ensure you wash their entire coat from head to tail and use a daily topical spray.


Sensitive dog shampoos

If your dog is prone to itching and has sensitive skin, you should always wash them in a gentle, calming shampoo, free of harsh chemicals like the smith&burton Soothing Collection. It has Balm Mint and Chamomile with anti-inflammatory properties to heal, soothe and calm the skin and Oat provides a gently soothing tonic and nutrients to the skin. With Manuka Honey a wound saviour and skin healer packed-full of healing properties and as a natural humectant, it draws in moisture helping dry, itchy skin.


Antifungal and antibacterial dog shampoos

For more serious issues and allergy-prone skin, constant itching or inflamed or ultra-sensitive skin a gentle, more medicinal, healing and fragrance-free dermal product you can help, like the smith&burton Dermal Relief 2-in-1 Conditioning Shampoo. 100% natural with an abundance of antibacterial, antiseptic and healing properties o help in the relief of dermis irritations and allergies. With Evening Primrose to reduce atopic and allergic skin conditions and Marula helps prevent a variety of skin conditions, with Manuka Honey too, with the added bonus of natural flea and insect control with Neem and Karanja oils.


Fragrance-free is best for dermal complaints

Using a fragrance-free product is best for ultra-sensitive and irritated skin as it is the safest choice possible. This means there are no masking agents, synthetic fragrances and no essentials oils. Lessening the chance of causing an allergic reaction. Look for products like smith&burton Dermal Relief 2-in-1 Conditioning Shampoo, 100% natural, no nasties, Fragrance-Free and packed-full of the healing properties to replenish, repair and heal a variety of skin disorders.


Follow with a fragrance-free topical spray.

A daily topical spray can help give instant relief too. Ensure you select a natural, fragrance-free spray, as any added scents or nasty chemicals can cause further harm and irritation to your dog’s already damaged and sensitive dermis.

Using a product like smith&burton Dermal Relief Topical Spray is 100% natural and fragrance-free, crafted with the very best natural ingredients to assist in the relief of itchy, flaky, sore, red, irritated or inflamed skin. With Neem and Marula oil as a natural flea and insect control and vitamin C for antihistamine benefits. It prevents further itching and licking to help heal the dermis.

This topical spray can be applied directly onto your dog’s skin, but please be careful not to spray onto the skin that looks raw or open wounds.

To help heal any wounds, hot spots, rashes or skin irritations you can use a 100% natural balm such as smith&burton Heal & Protect Soothe Balm a remarkable, wonder balm expertly crafted to heal, protect and soothe, everything!


When to go to the vet

If you notice sores, severe rashes and hot spots, it might be time to book an appointment with your vet. Your poor pup might be suffering from something chronic and, even when you are using the right dog products at home, the condition might persist. Early detection and diagnosis can save you and your dog a lot of pain.