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You know your pooch best and if the idea of struggling with him come bath time makes you laugh or cry uncontrollably, or you don’t have enough time to fully groom them, or do a good job, then you do have another option – take him to a professional.


More than a wash

Groomers not only wash your dog, but they can cut their nails, de-matt, clip or strip, and blow-dry their coat, and most offer a teeth-brushing service. Your dog is spoiled with a range of choices from large chains to boutique salons. Before you book, ask your groomer if they stock and use high-performing, plant-based, premium dog products.


Don't let mats and tangles get out of hand

If you have tried to remove mats and tangles at home but you are finding it too difficult, the mats and tangles are getting worse, your dog won’t stay still long enough, or it no longer feels manageable because of their coat type, you should take your dog to a professional groomer. If left alone for too long, the situation can get completely out of hand, leading to irritation, bruising and hematomas. Unruly mats and tangles can also restrict airflow and trap moisture against the skin, leading to other problems like bacterial and fungal infections.


Dogs with luscious locks

If your dog could be a model with their luscious long locks – like a Poodle, Yorkie, Maltese, Afghan Hound or other long-haired breeds, a professional dog groomer can quickly become a necessity. Some breeds, like Poodles, need regular clipping for their groom style, and as they do not shed, it will continue to keep growing long.

Many breeds also need a regular clip of their coat around their sanitary areas, pads, and to keep hair or fur out of their eyes. Because of the proximity to sensitive areas and the need for a steady hand, it can be a daunting task to do this yourself, especially if your dog won’t stay still, so it is recommended you visit a professional groomer.


Overcoming bath-time struggles

If your dog has a real aversion to bath time, and you notice – despite your gentle coaxing and praise – that they get really stressed before a bath or shower, groomers are invaluable. They are trained to make even the most reluctant canine relax and maybe even enjoy a thorough wash. It really is important that your dog has a positive and happy association with bath time. Once it becomes a regular part of their routine, it becomes a lot easier for you to maintain a healthy condition of their coat and to prevent any skin issues like infections, dandruff or dermatitis. And dogs feel good too!


Grooming starts at home

Consistent grooming starts at home and is essential for keeping your dog’s skin and coat manageable, clean, healthy, sleek and smelling fresh. But some dogs need to go to a professional groomer more often, depending on how quickly their coat grows, the type and thickness of their coat, their breed and the overall condition of their coat.

When it comes to introducing grooming at home into your dog’s regular routine, try not to procrastinate - starting from a young pup will make the process easier and more enjoyable for both of you in the long-run. Using products designed specifically for puppies like smith&burton Puppy 2-in-1 Conditioning Shampoo can be helpful, it cuts bathing time in half, making it quick, easy and more enjoyable for a young pup.


Lavish the praise and enjoy time to bond

Regular grooming at home from a young age helps your dog relax around grooming products and tools and stay still for an extended period. Done consistently, gently and with lots of praise, they come to associate this as a lovely bonding time with you. Make it a regular, fun and relaxing time with your pooch because when he is clean and well-groomed, he feels good and is much more pleasant to be around.